Thrill of the Hunt: Hunted...august 2016

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The Lover's Man-ual is your guide to improving your love life. We all make mistakes when it comes to relationships. Luckily N.M. Porterfield utilizes his own to illustrate the lessons in love that you need to be successful. Whether you are looking to just hook-up or looking for something lasting, The Lover's Man-ual has something for all readers. Love happens. Get your copy today.

We are all products of our environment. So when you're environment is nothing but death, destruction, and murder, it only makes sense that Marcus Hunt would become an extremely efficient killer. After his mothers death, he was raised by The Order. An organization of assassins who weigh the scales of justice on the world to maintain the balance and when necessary, pass judgement. But as Marcus dives deeper into The Order, he learns a dark secret. The knowledge of which could cost him his life. Now it's up to Marcus to use all of the skills he was taught to stay alive. It's not everyday that the predator becomes the prey. How will Marcus fair when he is the one...who's being HUNTED?

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Poetry speaks to all of us. It tells our story and the story of others. N.M. PORTERFIELD beautifully captures the essence of his story through his collection of Poetry and spoken word. Through verse he was able to find The missing piece that he's been looking for