Too often we take life too seriously. Sometimes we have to just PLAY. 


As a husband and Father, N.M. strives to lead by example, establish a strong foundation for growth, and give them the love they deserve.



N.M. believes that music is essential to life stating that "even the heart moves to a beat"

"Some of us want to be writers. Some of us want to be musicians. Some of us want to be professional athletes. Some of us want to build families. Some of us want to be heroes. Then there's some of us who want to do it all. Get N'volved with N.M. Porterfield as he continues to test his own limits to see what all he can do and how much he can change the world"


awakened passion        inspired creativity        manifesting potential


Through, novels, self-help books, and comic books N.M. works to leave his imprint on the literary world and to change lives through his writing.